NY- Times Square-Toys R Us- Christmas Shopping

NY- Times Square-Toys R Us- Christmas Shopping

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    Hi Chris!

    I’ve visited your blog and, oh man!, there are plenty of good images and, sincerely, some of them are really amazing, at the point that they awake my desire to be over there as soon as possible and turn to reality one of my oldest dreams.

    In other hand, due i have no the possibility to do this trip in the short term and have a big wall to be decorated, i have been considering to put one chaotic and energetic landscape in front of me, and your first picture in this entry has enraptured me.

    I wish to know if you
    1) have this take in high resolution (very high resolution!)
    2) /have the possibility of take it in a wide format
    2) want to sell or share this one with me.

    As you have notice, english is not my best, so i ask you to apologize my barely understandable language.



    30 May
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    Hi Darbo, Which one did you want? I have them in high res. 🙂

    06 Jun
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    PS. GREAT Stuff —> darboscalante.wordpress.com/

    06 Jun

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