Now that winter is around the corner it is a great time to put on your warn jacket and take a Statue of Liberty cruise on the Circle Line. It is a great way to see the fall colors and the boat is not as crowded as summer, plus the snack bar serves piping hot chocolate in case you get cold.

NY- The Statue of Liberty from the Circle Line

NY- Statue of Liberty

NY- Statue of Liberty

NY- Harbor and the Southern Tip of Manhattan

NY- NJ Railroad Terminal Building

NY- Ellis Island

NY- Circle Line Cruise

NY- Colgate Clock

NY- Erie Lackawanna Terminal

NY- Watchtower Sign in Brooklyn

NY- Empire State Building

NY- Lighthouse in Lower Manhattan

NY- Spartan Service Tugboat

NY- Old Staten Island Ferry Termainal Buiding

NY- Buoy in the New York Harbor

NY- Circle Line Cruise