NY- A Brisk Walk Down Central Park South

NY- A Brisk Walk Down Central Park South

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    First is favour: like “beauty capital is broken”…

    18 Jan
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    I think it would be fun to walk around New York City..you make your way from your apartment down to your office..given that your office/school is just nearby your apartment..
    I like to experience what Joe Fox and Kathleen Kelly do every day..They walk to their stores every day..grab coffee on the way..and that was just lovely..

    20 Jul
  3. makrem gherissi


    I lived in New York for five and a half years,however, after seeing the weblicist of Manhattan, i felt like i’ve never been there.Now i still want to go to New York to see the city that i lived in but i had never seen. Thanks chris

    Thanks Makrem

    29 Aug
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    08 Nov
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    08 Nov

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