NY- Attention Photographers, It’s almost Cherry Blossom time

NY- Attention Photographers, It’s almost Cherry Blossom time

There is a park sandwiched between Riverside Cathedral and Grants Memorial Tomb that is full of Japanese Cherry trees given to New York by the people of Japan. I am starting to see some early budding around the neighborhood so it can’t be too long until they flower, no more than a month or so. You can get some great shots with the Cathedral covered in scaffolding in the background.

Riverside Cathedral covered in Scaffolding

If you wanted to make a trip of it you could keep walking north up Riverside Dr. which has some great views of the George Washington Bridge, especially since the trees are still bare. Then you could go under the West Side Highway at 125th street and around the Fairway Market and the piers that are under construction. The neighborhood is changing fast and the new and the old still live side by side in the warehouses that fill the valley. It’ll look different in 5 years.

You can get there by taking the #1 train, and getting off at 116th, walk west to Riverside, you’ll see the Cathedral.

As soon as I get some shots of the blossoms I’ll post them up. If anyone needs me to put their pictures up just let me know. I would be happy to oblige.


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    I am such a fan of your site. Thanks for visiting mine. I had actually bookmarked your site before I went on the trip to NYC!

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