NY- Red Clouds over the Westside Highway at Trump Place

NY- Red Clouds over the Westside Highway at Trump Place

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  1. Naomi Semeniuk


    On the evening of June 25 right after the storm in New York City,I noticed that a pink red cast which permeated all over my upper east side area. It was eerie and chilling and at the same time fascinating. I also noticed the reaction of the entire neighborhood as they were all transfixed at what was happening in the sky and people actually flashed their cameras up to the sky. Some people were taking photos while inside their apartments. As this was happening, I was thunderstruck by what was happening and as someone who studies anomalies and UFOs and as someone who was a former UFO co-producer with a high quality program on the subject, I saw a peculiar round very black opaque ball in the sky with a wavy tail attached to it as this surreal event was in progress and it was smallish but very visible as it floated in the sky and disappeared. I felt this was an omen of things to come and may have been under intelligent control. I wonder if others saw this black opaque peculiar ball with the tail attached as well. I felt it may somehow have been connected to the strange event in the sky.

    That is pretty wild. I didn’t see a ufo but if one were coming to visit I would expect the sky to look like it did.

    28 Jun

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