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About The Weblicist

It’s hard to believe how many pictures I have taken of New York City since I started the weblicist last August, 2006. I had just moved back from a two year stint in Chicago. The first weekend back my wife planned a trip to see our friends in Washington DC. I could not bear the thought of going away the day I returned so I begged out, dropped my family at Penn Station and then headed down to the Lower Westside with my camera. I came across a couple of flea markets packed with people and started taking pictures.

The only time I had to shoot in Chicago was during the day when the kids were at school and my wife was at work. Unlike New York City if you are not at your job during the day you are a bum. So most of my pictures didn’t have people in them. It was quite depressing. So after an exhilarating afternoon of taking pictures, I made my way from the 20’s to the 70’s, I came home, made a slide show and then posted a few on my weblicist site, which at the time was a bunch of marketing googley-gook. And hence the site was born.

As of today, I have over 375 series comprising over 4,000 images.

I love it.

Chris Brady

NY- Indoor Flea Markets, Lady in Red

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  1. Jane Meneely


    Hi – I’m not long back in Scotland after spending Christmas and New Year in New York. Came across your site by accident – I was doing a search for “tiles for America” (I had passed this in a taxi but hadn’t time to go back and was unsure of where exactly it was so thought I’d do a quick web search). Just thought I’d write a short note to say what a fantastic archive of information and images you have created. So many things I have missed on my many trips to NYC. I’m an Architect so the little details like “the chicken soup building” really appeal. Keep up the good work!

    Thanks for the nice comments!

    08 Jan
  2. 2


    I hope you had a great time.

    08 Jan
  3. Gabriel Bly


    Hi – I want to say you work with light is extraordinary! I am currently shooting a movie and i was wondering if you had any advice about a way to get the light to jump out of the screen like your photos. Any advice would be great.
    Curious in Queens

    20 Feb
  4. 4

    Hi Gabriel,

    Thanks for the comments. Since I am shooting in low light quite often I use a very high saturation setting that seems to make up for the shadows and add a lot of color to my pictures.

    What’s your movie?


    20 Feb
  5. Cepeda


    Hi Chris,

    I am the lady that met you thru Delores. It was a pleasure to meet you. The pictures on your sight are great: they are full of color.

    I will touch base with you on Monday in refence to the interview.

    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to interview.


    01 Mar
  6. Kurt


    This is a wierd request, but my girlfriend’s 25th birthday is in two weeks, and she loved this painting of NYC that we saw at the street fair this past summer. I have been looking all over for it and found the guy in one of your pictures. Do you know how I can contact this person to purchase a painting? The photo name is listed below.

    Street Fair Artist

    Thanks Chris!

    Hi Kurt,

    Sorry, That is the first time aI have seen these guys but If anyone else knows who this is, leave a comment. You might also want to try Union Square, He might be down there during the week.


    22 Apr
  7. 7

    Wow! Well, New York is a very picturesque city. Even the more deprived parts can sometimes make for good pictures.

    29 Jul
  8. Fabio


    Hi Chris.
    Nice to come across your site, I was looking for some good tips outside the “tourist” track of NY since I’m going there for my second time this month. I’m an Art Director from Brazil and I love photography as well. Do you use any filter to keep your images so color saturated or is post editing? Any way..Nice to find some nice places to visit just by looking at the pictures.
    Keep up the great work

    09 Sep
  9. 9

    Thanks Fabio,

    As far as filters, the only one I use is a polarized filter. I have it on the lens day and night, both for protection and because I see better through it, lol. I saturate the pictures on my computer.

    Are you an Art Director at an Ad Agency? I hope you have a good time in New York.


    09 Sep
  10. Verlette McKendree


    Do you sell your pictures?
    I went to Washington D C and NYC-took over 200 pics on my digital camera. I was playing with my camera and lost my pictures.
    I am interested in Washington DC memorials and monuments, Central Park, the Dakota. Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.
    Please let me know with a reply-Thanks!

    Hi Verlette,

    Sorry to here about your camera. I would be devastated.

    I don’t have any DC pictures but I have quite a bit of NY. What do you have in mind?


    14 Sep
  11. Eddie


    Hey Chris,

    Great site. I’m writing a contemporary noir mystery novel about a NY private eye, an aging mafia don, a lost friend, adultery, a hot lawyer, a couple of murders, an ex cop and some phony jewels … I’m using your pix to frame my scenes. Moved from NY (W 73rd/Columbus)- to LA in 2000…back only now and then … now in Portland, Oregon. Your images are a big help. I wrote a scene tonight about a body being found early AM at Chelsea Piers – your sunrise view was inspiring.

    thanx bro


    Eddie, That is very cool. I was at the pier the other day and “Law and Order” was shooting a scene where they were busting some people on a boat. I took the kids inside but didn’t get back outside in time to shoot any pictures.

    Good luck with the script. Let me know how it is going.


    16 Dec
  12. 12

    Oh my,

    what an awesome site. I am from a really far off country from NYC, but since I knew myself NYC is the “dream-city” to visit once…which, maybe, remains a dream, but with Your site I can see what New Yorkers see…so its a treasure for me indeed. keep up and I will come every day:)

    Thanks, I am glad you like it.

    22 May
  13. 13


    I really dig your stuff.

    the photos of St. john’s are a knockout.

    great stuff,

    thank you for sharing your art.

    keep clickin…


    Thanks James, I am glad you like it. Chris

    05 Jun
  14. Mike Gibson fire chief (ret.)


    Hey Chris, Just happened, by way of google, on your website looking to gather a list of christmas window displays for 12/2009, not sure of the day yet. My wife and I go with our neighbors to see Radio City Rockettes each year in Dec. then to Bryant Park for some ice skating, then after checking out the window displays, its off to Carmines for a fab. feast. Just walking through this city is awesome, esp. during the holidays. Lived on W.82nd back in ’66 for a few months prior to finding a house in central jersey. It wasnt until two years ago that I finally took the trip to WTC. How eeirly it was. However last year I worked at a hotel’s basement for about a month, and the highlight was having lunch at Lincoln Center across the street listening to some wonderful classical music. I’ve enjoyed looking at your pictures on this website. Keep up the great work.

    Thanks Chief!

    02 Oct
  15. Isabel



    I love your pictures! You really get an impression of the city! I am in the city for 6 months now and I am trying to take nice pictures but I guess I need a better camera. What software do you use for your pictures and which camera do you use?

    All the best,

    08 Jan
  16. 16

    Hi Isabel,

    Thanks for the compliment and welcome to New York. I use a Nikon d-80 with a couple of different lenses, both Nikkors, an AFS 18-200 for zoom and an AF Fisheye 10.5mm for, well, fisheyes. I also just started taking shots with my new Droid and posting them to facebook. They have some pretty neat camera applications and they are fun, not high quality, but interesting.

    Now that I shoot everything in RAW I use Photoshop. Before that I used PhotoImpactPro which I still grab every once in a while for the fun of it.

    Thanks for commenting. I hope this helps.


    08 Jan
  17. anne


    i offently visit your site and enjoy it.
    i live in france and went in new york in january 2009. thanks for all your photos that remind me places i visited !

    Thank you Anne.

    Although I have only been there once, I Love France. I spent a little more than a week in Paris, took the TGV to the south and spent a week on the beaches. I then rented a car and spent another few days touring the countryside. I saw the castle where the “Sleeping Beauty” was written. It was beautiful.

    One day I’ll go back with my family for another long visit.

    Thanks again for the nice comments Anne.


    11 Jan
  18. 18

    Hi Chris: I have enjoyed your pictures so much of Central Park. I hope to go back to New York next year to see some more of the park. I want to cover every inch of that park. I do however have a picture that I have only seen one other person have and that is the pictures I took of the stone head in the North Woods. I have been trying to find out some history on it, but so far no luck. I have put your site in my favorites and will look at them often. If you would like, I can send you a picture through the email so you can see what it looks like. But keep taking pictures. It is quite a hobby and I love it. Pam

    Thanks Pam. I’ll email you and you can send me a pictures.

    04 Jul
  19. 19

    Chris: I do not have a website, so please don’t try to get in touch with me there. Thanks Pam

    04 Jul
  20. Cindy


    I would like to purchase one of your pictures of the Central Park Boat House in Autum 2006 for a wedding gift. Could you please let me know how we can do this.

    Hi Cindy, I’ll email you. Thanks for the thought.

    10 Jul
  21. tina


    i just discovered your site and i just want to thank you for all the great images of nyc you share with us, i really enjoy them. they are amazing.
    there’s no city like nyc!!!!! i hope to be able to move there some day. keep sharing your art.

    Thanks Tina!

    22 Jul
  22. 22

    Much obliged for the post and for publishing a attractive site. I have been seeking good info on travel tips and can put these recommendations to use. I have found it difficult to locate honest recommendations, as there are tons of sites with useless articles. Definitely keep the good stuff flowing!

    24 Oct
  23. 23

    Dear Sir,
    I really love the little red light house, Thank you, and I live in Taiwan.

    Thanks Kenny

    16 Nov
  24. Leigh Montgomery


    Hello Chris! I wanted to let you know that you have inspired me to get my photograpy seen. Your site has many beautiful shots and stories that share your techniques-that is awesome! I love it! I am wondering if you may have any advice for an amature photographer on getting my photos noticed. I would love any advice, feedback if possible, etc. I am most passionate about nature, still photograpy, artitecture, and sculptures. I would really appreciate any advice you could give me on getting my work out there. I look forward to communicating with you and learning all I can. Thank you so much for your time and inspiration.

    Leigh Montgomery

    08 Mar
  25. 25

    Thanks for the nice comments Leigh.
    Do you have a website or blog with any of your photos? If not, that would be the first step in getting noticed.

    If you haven’t built a website yet then there are two options, one–the free one, go to http://www.wordpress.com and sign up. It is relatively simple but i can help you out if you get stuck. The second option–the not free one, is to buy your domain name and start your own worpdress site. After that, put your photos up and get them linked by other sites, like mine. I hope this helps. Let me know.


    08 Mar
  26. Kimberly Esposito


    Hi Chris,
    I am looking for a photo of a “handsome cab” or carriage ride at Central Park. Your site said there were 3 of horse carriage rides, but I couldn’t get the link to work. I once found a photo of a carriage ride in the foreground against the buildings along the park near 5th Ave as the backdrop and it was fabulous. Problem was the photographer was in London and now I can’t find him again. If you have anything similiar, please send me a link. Thank You!

    01 Jun
  27. 27

    Hi Kimberly,

    I have some handsome cabs here –> http://theweblicist.com/wordpress/category/recreation/horse-and-carriage-rides/
    but there may be some other ones I forgot to label under the Central Park category. –> http://theweblicist.com/wordpress/category/parks/central-park/

    I hope this helps. If you find one and want a higher resolution copy let me know. What do you need it for?


    04 Jun
  28. 28

    stop over saturating your photos . it hurts. no hate.

    20 Jul
  29. 29


    Orchestra of St. Luke’s is about to perform a concert at Governor Nelson A Rockefeller Park and wondered if we could post a thumbnail image of one of the photos you took in this series on our website: http://theweblicist.com/wordpress/2007/11/12/ny-gray-fall-day-in-nelson-a-rockefeller-park/

    We are happy to credit however you would like.



    27 Jul
  30. 30

    Hi Sacha, I hope I am not too late. Of course you can use the image.

    01 Aug
  31. Neill Augustine


    Hi, Chris!
    Let me just say to begin that your website is beyond astounding, and I’m so glad I found it. I’m a southerner who feels like he left a phantom body from a past life in one of the boroughs, probably Brooklyn, and I have plans to get back and reclaim it one of these days.
    I’m writing because I think you’re the one person who might be able to answer this question of mine, it’s been nagging at me for a couple of years… I read of the closing of a residence hotel that had catered to the artists and perhaps even actors of the city for decades. It had had a ground floor cafe /bar that had supplied meals to the residents as part of their rent, and what made this place stand out in my mind was the description of the murals that had been painted by the artists throughout that cafe/bar/lunchroom part of the hotel.
    The basic description of the place sounds a lot like the Hotel des Artistes, which is mentioned liberally on your site, and which, as of the last mention I have found thus far, the early 2000’s, was still open.
    Can you tell me if the place I am thinking of is that place, or if there was another, and if either possibility is so, is it still open, bought and saved, perhaps, by some philanthropist with deep pockets who couldn’t bear to see such a storied place come under the wrecking ball?


    23 Oct
  32. 32

    Hi Neil, I think the place you are referring to is The Hotel Chelsea, but unfortunately there is a new owner who is turning it in to a regular boutique hotel and isn’t letting anyone in to take pictures before the renovation. It has a big history of artists, rock stars, and actors and makes a fascinating read. I hppe this helps.


    23 Oct
  33. Neill Augustine


    Hi, Chris…

    I don’t know, the Chelsea sort of fills the bill, but there’s no mention of a ground floor bar/grill, and that was part of the allure of the place for the residents, as I understood it; meals supplied on-site and added to ones’ bill..

    And the art mentioned in the piece I read wasn’t canvases hanging, but murals painted directly onto the walls, dated as far back as the 1920’s; art that couldn’t be easily removed and saved from any sort of renovations.

    Thank you for your prompt reply, but I guess I’ll keep asking around.


    24 Oct
  34. 34

    Hi Neil,

    Did you mean Cafe Des Artiste? Leroy Neiman still lives above it.


    24 Oct
  35. Neill Augustine


    Aloha, Chris!

    Yes, it would seem I was, since I found the key to the floodgate of sites with info on the place, including the original piece I read about it, here…http://sweetness-light.com/archive/unions-kill-the-caf-des-artistes

    Dated in August of 2009, it paints a grim picture that seems to have had no graceful storybook ending.

    What a pity. May the unions burn in hell for their unrelenting greed..

    25 Oct
  36. 36

    It’s sad, they are killing the Tavern on the green right now. shame on them!

    25 Oct
  37. 37

    We’re putting on a letterpress show inspired by the people of New York. We’d like to invite you, and we’d appreciate if you could post it on the site. Here’s all the info:

    NEW YORK TYPES, running December 15, 2011 through January 6, 2012, is presented in collaboration with New York Writes Itself (NYWI) (http://www.newyorkwritesitself.com/), a new ongoing series of creative productions fueled by the people of New York, and Leo Burnett New York (www.lbny.com) 

    For the NEW YORK TYPES exhibition, each artist or group — currently including Swayspace, Center for the Book Arts, The KDU,Peter Kruty Editions and Tarhorse Press — has picked a collection of NYWI ‘Script’ entries to interpret in his or her own letterpress style, bringing the real words to life letter by letter. The artwork is for sale in limited editions of 10, with a total of 500 pieces for sale. 

    NEW YORK TYPES opens with a party on Thursday, December 15, 6:30 pm-10:30 pm EST, at the ADC Gallery, 106 West 29th St., NYC. Beer/wine and light snacks available, music by DJ Synapse, photography by Tonovision. The exhibition is made possible through support by Leo Burnett NY, Dewars, Boxcar Press and French Paper.    

    The exhibition runs until January 5, 2012, free and open to the public.  Gallery hours Monday-Friday, 10:00 am-6:00 pm, closed December 23-30.   

    For more information, please visit http://www.newyorkwritesitself.com/2011/10/new-york-types/
    RSVP here http://newyorktypes.eventbrite.com/
    Trailer: http://youtu.be/89Xi2vkQtjs

    30 Nov
  38. 38

    This looks pretty cool.

    30 Nov
  39. Mark


    Great website, Chris. I’m interested in photographing the signs of NY, but am puzzled by the sometimes immediate reaction of people who come out of bars, etc. who say, “No photos, it is not permitted.” Do you get this? I figure if I am on a sidewalk, I can take whatever photo I want. Do you have a good response in this situation?

    14 Apr
  40. 40

    Hi Mark,
    When I am outside on the island, people are usually too busy to hassle me about taking their picture, and tourists don’t bat an eye. But inside restaurants and bars, they don’t like it and I don’t do it unless I am eating there and taking pictures of us.

    I take a lot of pictures through the windows though, and only got yelled at once. I think I took a bad guys picture…:-).

    14 Apr

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