City Hall

NY- Robert Melee Statues Melting In The Rain- City Hall Park

It was another beautiful Spring day in New York. Temperatures hovered in the 40’s and intermittent sheets of rain flooded the streets and soaked the inhabitants. Robert...

NY- Great Stuff To Look At

Unfortunately, school has left me little time and the cold weather with little motivation to traipse around and shoot pictures for the site. I can assure you...

NY- The Statues and Sculptures in City Hall Park

Why go to a museum to see statues when City Hall Park is full of them?

NY- Fountain in City Park Hall

Guarded by tall gas lamps, the fountain at City Hall Park is beautiful day or night.

NY- The Placcards in City Hall Park

When you visit City Hall Park make sure to bring your reading glasses.

NY- Reporting Live from City Hall

I think we are supposed to imagine that the sign can talk? I don’t know.