5th Avenue

NY- Pigeons, Horses, Suburbans and Max Beckmann Comes to New York

This is a odd collection of a Suburban, some pigeons, carriage horses, snapchat and apple, that I took on a little random walk down 5th Avenue, across...

NY- Bergdorf Goodman Christmas Windows 2016

Bergdorf’s windows this year were very green. Maybe it is a global warming thingie.

NY- 5th Avenue Christmas Windows

Fifth Avenue Christmas windows. Apple, Bergdoff Goodman, The Plaza.

NY- Circle of Animals- Zodiac Heads

Circle of Animals-Zodiac Heads is a collection of 12 bronze statues by the famous and now imprisoned artist Ai Weiwei from China. It can be seen across...

NY- Saint Patrick’s Cathedral- Cardinal’s Sunday Mass with the Choir

If anyone is looking to get into the Christmas Spirit then let me recommend that you go to the Cardinal’s Sunday mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. My...

NY- St Patrick’s Day Revelers on Fifth Avenue

I wish I could say the reason I am just posting these pictures so late is that I did a little reveling myself, but the truth is...

NY- Bergdorf, Louis, and Tiffany Play Dress Up

Here are Bergdorf Goodman’s. Tiffany’s and Louis Vuittons Christmas Windows on Fifth Avenue- 2008 Links to their web sites Bergdorf Goodman Tiffany Louis Vuitton

NY- Easter Sunday at Saint Thomas Episcopal Church

St Thomas Episcopal Church on Fifth Avenue

NY- Window Shopping on West 57th Street

Her are a few more Window Shots on West 57th Street. Niketown Burberry Tourneau

NY- Bergdorf Goodman Easter Windows 2008

Whoever is in charge of Bergdorf Goodman’s windows displays always does a great job. I love taking pictures of them.

NY- Chestnuts Were Roasting on 5th Avenue Tonight

The shopkeepers on 5th Avenue must be happy. There were quite a few people trying to get the jump on “Black Friday” and the sidewalks were packed...

NY- Lord and Taylor Christmas Windows

Lord and Taylor takes a more subdued approach but still manages to light up the night.