NY- Soho- From Canal To Houston- January 2016

NY- Soho- From Canal To Houston- January 2016

NY- Soho- Greene Street Graffiti and Abandoned Lots

NY- Soho Greene Street Graffiti and Abandoned Lots  

NY- A walk from Tribeca to Soho

If you get off the #1, 2, or 3 train at Chambers Street and head north, you can wander aimlessly through the old brick streets of Tribeca...

NY- Brooklyn Bridge Seen Through Colored Glass

If you get off the 2 or 3 subway lines at Clark Street, the first stop in Brooklyn after leaving Manhattan, you can wander through Brooklyn Heights...

NY- Meatpacking District Oddities and Ends

Here are some oddities and ends I found walking around the Meatpacking District the other night; graffiti at the Maritime Hotel by Haculah, store front mannequins, Googles...

NY- Tribeca and Soho, Window Reflections and Graffiti

NY- Tribeca and Soho, an assortment of window reflections, street signs, mannequins, ad bills and graffiti.

NY- Tribeca Windows and Graffiti

Who cares if it is raining? It is still a nice day for a spring walk in Tribeca.

NY- Soho- Windows, Reflections, Graffiti and Bills

To me, Soho is still one of the richest photo environments in the entire city. Cast Iron buildings, Street Art, beautiful people, and beautiful things are everywhere...

NY- Hells Kitchen freezes over

Actually I took these a couple weeks ago but it is almost too cold to go out and shoot tonight, so I’ll do a little catching up....

NY- Brooklyn- The Preciousness of the Hunt

Some interesting work I fund under a bridge in Dumbo.

NY- Summer strolls on the Westside

New York in the summer offers you a constant barrage of tangled imagery, and sometimes you just lose your self taking pictures. I recommend it to anyone....

NY- 5 Pointz- Long Island City, Queens

I heard a rumor from a friend who lives in Long Island City that 5Pointz, the famous graffiti warehouse, was sold to a developer and was going...