NY- April Showers Bring May Carbon Dioxide Offsets

We better have a lot of flowers this May because you can’t say we didn’t have enough April showers.

NY- It got warm enough to get married in the park. That’s a good sign.

It wants to be Spring in Central Park, at least the people want it to. The buds are on the trees and some of the early ground...

NY- Summer hits with a bang

It was like God flipped a switch on the first day of summer, sweeping out Spring weather and ushering in 100 degree temperatures. You got to love it.

NY- Central Park Swelters in Green

I took my new 10-24mm Nikon lens in to Central Park at the West 72nd street entrance to give it a test run on the day that...

NY- Bicycle Built For Two

NY- Bicycle Built For Two

NY- Upper Westside- Spring through the eye of a fish, 2010

NY- Upper Westside- Spring through the eye of a fish, 2010

NY- Strange Unusual Fiery Ball in the sky attracts people in bikinis

I have been complaining a lot lately about the terrible weather we have had in New York City but today’s was perfect. Sunny and warm. Sheepsmeadow in...

NY- Another Rainy Day in Central Park

If April showers bring May flowers, I wonder what April-May-June showers bring? I guess we will find out.

NY- Sunbathers in Central Park

It is official. Summer has finally arrived in New York City and the sunbathers are back on Sheep’s Meadow. I love New York.

NY- Some Like It Hot- Sunbathers in Central Park

As the temperature approached 91 degrees today I expected everyone to be inside in thier air conditioned apartments. I was wrong. These hearty souls were soaking up...

NY- Sheeps Meadow is officially open for grazing

It is a great day when you walk in to Central Park and see that Sheeps Meadow is open for the season. It is a sun worshippers...

NY- Tavern on the Green, Central Park Night Shots

I took these last night at Tavern on the Green in Central Park. I was taking a break from writing my memoirs. Pictures come easier to me...