Canal Street

NY- A Spring walk up Canal and Greene in Soho

As Spring battles to take hold in our cold and windy city, I decided to do one of my photographic pilgrimages and take the 2 train to Canal Street and walk over...

NY- People Watching in Soho and Canal Street

It was my last Friday before school starts at BMCC on Monday so I took advantage of the nice weather and strolled through Soho.

NY- NYPD Respond To A Street Fight at Canal and Broadway

You have to love the New York Police Department. I was walking to the subway at Canal and Broadway today when a big fight spilled out of...

NY- Tribeca- Canal Street- Varick to Greene

If you feel like going for a full immersion into the world of discount goods then there is no better place to start than the Number 1...

NY- Canal Street Shopping in the Winter

NY- Canal Street Shopping in the Winter