West 72nd St Subway Station

NY- Upper Westside Sidewalks and Windows

Photos of construction and store windows on the Upper Westside in the low morning sun.

NY- Bees, Trees, and Flowers I see.

Bees, Trees, and Flowers I see. Central Park near the Angel of the Water and Minton Tiles.

NY- Upper Westside- Churches and Storefront Windows


NY- Upper Westside Night shots and store windows

Here are some pictures I took at night of windows and signs on the Upper Westside. Basically on and around West 72nd.

NY- West 69th Halloween Decorations

Every year the residents of West 69th between Columbus and Central Park throw a massive neighborhood trick or treat party. Here is a peek at this years...

NY- Upper Westside on a Sunny Day

NY- Upper Westside on a Sunny Day.

NY- Sculptures on the Hudson River

The sculptures in Riverside Park, south of Pier i, are always changing, so if you are looking for a place to shoot, there is usually something different...

NY- Upper Westside- Nightshots

There is nothing finer that shooting in the dark. You never know what you have until you get home.

NY- Riverside Park After the Rain

Has anyone else noticed the “after the rain” theme to all my posts of late?

NY- April Showers Bring May Carbon Dioxide Offsets

We better have a lot of flowers this May because you can’t say we didn’t have enough April showers.

NY- Central Park in the Early Days of Spring

It is now May, and we are barely starting to warm up. This has been a long, long winter.

NY- Central Park on a cold, sunny, foggy kind of day

Because of all the polar vortexing, followed by and the solar vertexing, the light in New York has been exceptionally different.