West 96th St Subway Station

NY- Gargoyles on the Upper West Side

There is a row of apartment buildings on West 93rd Street near Columbus that have identical entryways, each topped off with a gargoyle over the front door....

NY- Gargoyles and Busts on West End Avenue

I saw these great gargoyles and busts, including Admiral Dewey’s, while walking up West End Avenue Between 96th and 103rd Street.

NY- Prequel to a White Christmas, Broadway in the snow

We got our first snow tonight, at least the first one that stuck that is. I take it as a sign that a White Christmas is the...

NY- Carmines and Estelle Stanger Windows and Neons

Just a few nighttime window shots and neon taken on Broadway near the 96th Street subway station. Carmines Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge Estelle Stanger Antiques

NY- Racquet Ball Courts- North Meadow- Central Park

It’s always fun watching the handball and racquetball games at North Meadow Recreation Center in Central Park.

NY- Jogging the Central Park Reservoir

One of the most popular jogging paths in New York City encircles the Central Park Reservoir where you can get get a great shot of the city...

NY- Where Harry Met Sally to Buy a Tree

“When Harry Met Sally” is one of my favorite New York movies. I get a chuckle when I think about the scenes where Billy Crystal and Meg...

NY- West 96th Street Subway Station Construction

It is days like today that a car and driver would make life so much easier. Having lived through the reconstruction of the W72nd Street subway station...