5th Avenue Photos

NY- Pigeons, Horses, Suburbans and Max Beckmann Comes to New York

This is a odd collection of a Suburban, some pigeons, carriage horses, snapchat and ...

NY- Bergdorf Goodman Christmas Windows 2016

Bergdorf's windows this year were very green. Maybe it is a global warming thingie.

NY- 5th Avenue Christmas Windows

Fifth Avenue Christmas windows. Apple, Bergdoff Goodman, The Plaza.

NY- Circle of Animals- Zodiac Heads

Circle of Animals-Zodiac Heads is a collection of 12 bronze statues by the famous ...

NY- Bergdorf, Louis, and Tiffany Play Dress Up

Here are Bergdorf Goodman's. Tiffany's and Louis Vuittons Christmas Windows on Fifth Avenue- 2008 Links ...

NY- Window Shopping on West 57th Street

Her are a few more Window Shots on West 57th Street. Niketown Burberry Tourneau

NY- Bergdorf Goodman Easter Windows 2008

Whoever is in charge of Bergdorf Goodman's windows displays always does a great job. ...

NY- Chestnuts Were Roasting on 5th Avenue Tonight

The shopkeepers on 5th Avenue must be happy. There were quite a few people ...

NY- Lord and Taylor Christmas Windows

Lord and Taylor takes a more subdued approach but still manages to light up ...