Moon Shots

NY- The Supermoon Takes Manhattan

The Supermoon has been hanging low in the skies over Manhattan all week, but because we are a city of mountains and canyons, it tended to pop...

NY- Moonshots and Lunar Landscapes on the Upper Westside

NY- Moonshots and Lunar Landscapes on the Upper Westside

NY- Super Moon from Carl Shurz Park

We went with some friends to Carl Shurz Park and saw the Super Moon rise over Queens. It was spectacular! The pictures don’t do its’ magnificence justice....

NY- Moon over Columbus

Columbus Avenue looked like a scene from Twilight last night. There was an almost full moon dashing behind the eerie clouds and it gave the whole neighborhood...

NY- 70th Street Pier- A Great Place to Watch the Fireworks

If you want to have a panoramic view of the fireworks this 4th of July and don’t want to hassle with the midtown crowds. Take the subway...

NY- Sunset from Chelsea Piers

It was a little chilly on Chelsea Piers tonight but the sunset and colors made it worth it.

NY- Tavern on the Green, Central Park Night Shots

I took these last night at Tavern on the Green in Central Park. I was taking a break from writing my memoirs. Pictures come easier to me...

NY- Lunar Eclipse over the Hudson River

There was a spectacular lunar eclipse this morning. I only wish I had a bigger zoom lens.

NY- Moon over W. 70th and W.71st