NY- Pigeons, Horses, Suburbans and Max Beckmann Comes to New York

This is a odd collection of a Suburban, some pigeons, carriage horses, snapchat and apple, that I took on a little random walk down 5th Avenue, across...

NY- Union Square and The High line.

High Line, nude sunbathers ahead, mannequins, Union Square and a parking garage.

NY- Lower Broadway Windows and ATM’s

Windows, mannequins, six shooters and call boxes on Lower Brodway.

NY- Time Warner Center Christmas Lights 2016

I couldn’t resist a quick peek at the light show inside Time Warner Center. It’s the warmest light show in the neighborhood.

NY- Bergdorf Goodman Christmas Windows 2016

Bergdorf’s windows this year were very green. Maybe it is a global warming thingie.

NY- Statue of Liberty, still there

I was happy to see that the Statue of Liberty was still standing tall in the New York Harbor.

NY- Columbus Circle Nightshots

A beautiful and clear night. Shot without a tripod using my 14-24mm lens.

NY- Upper Westside Sidewalks and Windows

Photos of construction and store windows on the Upper Westside in the low morning sun.

NY- Greek and Roman Statues at the Met

NY- Greek and Roman Statues from the Metropolitan Museum of Art  

NY- Twenty-Four Picasso Sculptures from MOMA

This is an amazing show. They have more statues and paintings by Picasso than I have ever seen in one place. It is full creative immersion at...

NY- Soho- From Canal To Houston- January 2016

NY- Soho- From Canal To Houston- January 2016

NY- Chelsea- High Line- Standard Hotel

NY- Chelsea- High Line Standard Hotel