NY- Chelsea- High Line- Standard Hotel

NY- Chelsea- High Line Standard Hotel

NY- A Summer Night’s walk through the Village and up the High Line.

It was one of those perfect New York Summer Nights so I meandered down through the Village to the Waterfront and then down the High Line.

NY- Meatpacking District Oddities and Ends

Here are some oddities and ends I found walking around the Meatpacking District the other night; graffiti at the Maritime Hotel by Haculah, store front mannequins, Googles...

NY- Chelsea Store front Windows and other Abstractions

It was a good day to take abstract photos in Chelsea since it was cold, foggy, and gray. In other words, perfect.

NY- High Line Flora, Fauna, and other exhibitionists you might see.

Whether it be flowers or grasses, or flashes of girls arsses, it doesn’t matter what season it is, there is always something blooming on the High Line....

NY- A walk down West 14th street to the High Line Park

Anyone who needs to be reminded how fun it is to walk around New York in the Twilight of Summer, just needs to take a walk down...

NY- Haculla at the Maritime Building

Harif Guzman (aka Haculla) is one of my favorite street artists in NYC. I stumbled upon this exhibition under the Maritime Building at 16th and 9th Avenue one night...

NY- Reflections from The High Line Park in the Meatpacking District

New York City went through a little warming period causing wild overcast skies and pockets of fog throughout the entire city. It was a great morning for...

NY- Rebecca Riley’s Randomland at the Flatiron Building

Congratulations to my friend and neighbor, Rebecca Riley on her show “Randomland” in the Prow Art Space in one of the most photographed buildings in New York...

NY- High Line Part Two

The city has opened up the High Line Park from 12th Street all the way to 30th. It’s a great place for a stroll and gives unique,...

NY- Views from and around the High Line Park

Here are a few pictures I took down in Chelsea the other morning when Spring was still fighting to get a toe hold in the city.

NY- A summer’s night in the meatpacking district

NY- A summer’s night in the meatpacking district.