Hudson River

NY- A Summer Night’s walk through the Village and up the High Line.

It was one of those perfect New York Summer Nights so I meandered down through the Village to the Waterfront and then down the High Line.

NY- New Construction and Statues on the Hudson River

NY- Pyramid shaped new construction and statues on the Hudson River.

NY- Winter Walk up the High line January 2015

on Yards

NY- Riverside Park After the Rain

Has anyone else noticed the “after the rain” theme to all my posts of late?

NY- Macy’s 2013 July 4th Fireworks

I never get tired of watching the fireworks on July 4th, and this year was no exception. These were taken from my window looking west over the...

NY- Hudson River Clouds

One thing you can certainly say about this summer is that it has given us some very interesting skies. From the Supermoons, the sunsetting straight down canyons,...

NY- Riverside Park South- Day 2

I had so much fun shooting in the wind yesterday in Riverside South that I had to do it again today. Luckily the wind decided the same....

NY- Statues in Riverside Park South

There are some fantastic statues lining the shore in Riverside Park South between 59th and 72nd Street. Next time you want somewhere to watch the sunset try...

NY- Hurricane Sandy covers the 70th Street Pier

I’ve seen the water get pretty high on the Hudson before with Hurricane Irene, but I have never seen it completely cover the pier before. PS. The...

NY- Big Band on the Hudson

One of the jewels of the Upper Westside is the Pier off 70th Street in Riverside Park. It is one of the old landings that Conrail used...

NY- USS New York Takes the lead at Fleet Week in Manhattan

For a list of festivities for this years Fleet Week go here, or here.

NY- Early morning fog over the Hudson River

NY- Early morning fog over the Hudson River