Times Square

Times Square on an August Morning

People Watching in and above Times Square on an hot and sunny August Morning

NY- St. Patrick’s Day- Assorted scenes in the city

NY- St. Patrick’s Day- Assorted scenes in the city

NY- Reflections in Times Square

Let this be the beginning of a dry and warm season.

NY- Preparations for the Superbowl crowd continue, without the crowd.

The people at Fox Sports were doing some last minute touch ups to Super Bowl Boulevard in anticipation of the big crowds about to descend on our...

NY- The Polar Vortex Strikes Manhattan, again.

The Polar Vortex blasted it’s way back in to Manhattan this week leaving us frozen and covered in flakes. Scientists blamed man-made global warming for our misery,...

NY- Halloween in the Village

I don’t know when I am going to learn that if I want to shoot the parade, I either have to leave at noon and sit, or...

NY- Times Square- People Shots

NY- Times Square- People Shots

NY- Theater District and Times Square Reflections

Just some odds, ends, and abstracts from a walk through Times Square.

NY- Times Square swimming through my new Hoya 32X Diffuser Filter

I got a new toy today. A Hoya lens filter that is so dark, it fools the camera in to thinking you are taking nightshots, which means...

NY- Mind Over Madness- 15,000 Yogis Yoga in Times Square

Summer Solstice arrived today and 15,000 faithful packed Broadway above 42nd for a little yoga in the sun at the 11th Annual Solstice in Times Square.

NY- More Subway Fun with Kim Jong

NY- Times Square Voyeur

Who needs the internet when you’ve got Times Square?