NY- Oculus and the Path to New Jersey

NY- Pigeons, Horses, Suburbans and Max Beckmann Comes to New York

This is a odd collection of a Suburban, some pigeons, ...

“High Line, nude sunbathers ahead, mannequins, Union Square ...”

NY- Union Square and The High line.

NY- Lower Broadway Windows and ATM’s

The History

It’s hard to believe how many pictures I have taken of New York City since I started the weblicist last August, 2006. I had just moved back from a two year stint in Chicago.

NY- Super Storm Jonas

NY- Central Park Flowers

Central Park | Fog | New York People | Winter

NY- Oculus and the Path to New Jersey

The Oculus to the Path to New Jersey is a good hike. From end to end, and it ...

NY- Williamsburg- Traffic, Billboards, Graffiti and more

“NY- Chelsea- High Line Standard Hotel ”

NY- Chelsea- High Line- Standard Hotel

Kitzbühel Austria

Pictures from a wonderful trip to Kitzbuhel Austria. It was ...