Houston Street Subway Station

NY- Soho- From Canal To Houston- January 2016

NY- Soho- From Canal To Houston- January 2016

NY- Soho- Greene Street Graffiti and Abandoned Lots

NY- Soho Greene Street Graffiti and Abandoned Lots  

NY- Soho- Windows, Reflections, Graffiti and Bills

To me, Soho is still one of the richest photo environments in the entire city. Cast Iron buildings, Street Art, beautiful people, and beautiful things are everywhere...

NY- Soho Windows- Happy Winterspring

Just because the weather stinks doesn’t mean I can’t pretend it’s nice out.

NY- Window Play on Greene Street

Anytime I need a jolt to my creative juice-maker I take a walk up Greene Street from Canal to Houston. Spring is just starting to pop in...

NY- Soho Graffiti- Summer 2010

It was a beautiful day for graffiti hunting on Soho today.

NY- Summer in Soho- People watching

NY- Summer in Soho- People Watching

NY- People Watching in Soho and Canal Street

It was my last Friday before school starts at BMCC on Monday so I took advantage of the nice weather and strolled through Soho.

NY- Soho- People Watching- Prince to Bowery across to Broome

Here are some people watching shots I took on a walk through Soho.

NY- Soho- Windows and Signs

I had an hour to kill yesterday so I took a walk from down Prince street to Bowery and the made my way back down Broome Street....

NY- Soho- Graffiti and Street Art on Prince and Broome Streets

I keep seeing Ana Peru, Peru Ana all over Tribeca and now Soho. I finally looked it up and it is an independent web film production studio....

NY- Soho Windows, Signs, and Storefronts

Here are some shots of windows signs and storefronts taken on a beautiful fall day in Soho. Prince, Sullivan and MacDougal Streets.