NY- Times Square- The Lights. The Life. The Lawn Chairs?

Dear Mayor Bloomberg,

I just got back from a visit to your fair city and let me tell you I am tired. I saw more people in a day than I see in a year in my town and let me tell you it was exhausting. All the energy, the confusion, people with purpose and places to go, it drains a mans energy like nothing I have ever experienced. I don’t know how you New Yorkers do it.

I am giving a slide presentation of my vacation pictures at the Elks Club this weekend and before I go recommending your city to my neighbors I would like to make a suggestion. Do you think maybe you could put some lawn chairs scattered about so a poor traveler like me can take a load off? I think it would be a really nice touch, don’t you? I was going to suggest recliners but my wife told me that you would never do something that stupid, seeing how the rain would ruin them.

Let me know what you think and maybe I’ll come back again someday. After I relax, that is.



Dear Tired,

What a wonderful idea. I’ll do it. It was a getting a little too congested in Times Square anyway. Your idea may help.

The Mayor

NY- Times Square- The Lights. The Life. The Lawn Chairs?

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