It has been a pretty tough week for the folks downtown. First there was the threat of another “Man-made disaster” as people looked up in the sky to see what appeared to be a hijacked 747 being tailed by a fighter jet dipping through the skyline downtown.

I was in a computer lab in the basement at BMCC so I missed the entire thing, but I could imagine the screams, ” Oh my gosh!! it’s a disgruntled veteran or a right to lifer and they are going  to crash thier hijacked plane!!!  Janet Napolitano was right!!!

But lo and behold it was only Obama’s people doing a photoshoot.

But today there actually was a disaster, man made or not I don’t know, but what it did was seriously mess up everyone’s commute this morning. Consider it a good practice run for when the MTA shuts down next month.

NY- Tribeca- Vacant Building Collapses-71 Duane St

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