I have been shooting New York City faithfully, frantically and quite obsessively for the past six years and was overdue a vacation. My wife felt the same so we took our kids on a long romp through London and Paris. Fortunately I remembered my camera and even though we were almost always together, I managed to get a few pictures in before having to run and catch up with them. I came back loaded with photos and it will take some time, but I ‘ll get them posted here and then I’ll get back to my city.

Women are Paris

Women are Paris- girl with umbrella

Women are Paris- sunglasses for Lutece

Women are Paris- girl talking on here mobile

Women are Paris- girl giving a big hug

Women are Paris- girl with an umbrella

Women are Paris- girls at the Westin Vendome

Women are Paris- girl with an American Dream

Women are Paris- 5 girls walking from the Tour De Eiffel

Women are Paris- girls visiting Versaille

Women are Paris- girls in Lu Louvre

Women are Paris- girls in the bookstores along the river

Women are Paris- girl at the Slush Ease machine

Women are Paris- Audrey Hepburn


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