Monthly archive February, 2009

NY- Tribeca- Polished Windows on Duane street

For some reason it looked like all of the windows I passed on Duane Street had been polished. Maybe they were?

NY- People Watching in Herald Square

Two words, cold and windy.

NY- Fashion Week Winter 2009- Bryant Park

I think the time is running out on the fashion council to keep using Bryant Park for Fashion Week. This may have been the last one at...

NY- The new Alice Tully, Julliard School, and Irene Diamond Halls

The construction has been going ton for quite some time on the Alice Tully Hall, The Julliard School, and The Irene Diamond Building. I walked by last...

NY- West 14th Street Nightshots

It’s still cold outside and this guy can’t decide between a donut or a hole.

NY- Airplane flies over a striped sunset on the Hudson River

We were getting ready to leave our apartment tonight when I looked out the window and saw a beautiful sunset. I grabbed my camera and started taking...

NY- Snow Storm on the Upper West Side

A few months ago I read an article by a scientist who explained that the sun hadn’t produced any solar flare-ups for a couple of months. These...