Monthly archive June, 2009

NY- Red Clouds over the Westside Highway at Trump Place

We had a real nasty storm move in from the west just before sunset tonight. After the rain stopped we were treated to an incredible show of...

NY- Strange Unusual Fiery Ball in the sky attracts people in bikinis

I have been complaining a lot lately about the terrible weather we have had in New York City but today’s was perfect. Sunny and warm. Sheepsmeadow in...

NY- Clouds and Riverside Park at W125th Street

I forgot what blue sky looked like so when I looked out the window yesterday afternoon and saw traces of it in the sky I had to...

NY- Another Rainy Day in Central Park

If April showers bring May flowers, I wonder what April-May-June showers bring? I guess we will find out.

NY- Time Square- Americas Most Photographed Lawn Chairs

As a backdrop for mass weddings to a setting for intimate portraits, the Time Square lawn chairs have become the most photographed outdoor furniture in America.

NY- Loews Theatres- Year One- World Premier

I wanted to be the first person to post pictures from the world premier of the new,  soon to be smash,  movie– Year One— so I didn’t...

NY- Chelsea Street Scenes

NY- Chelsea Street Scenes shot from the High Line Park.

NY- Meatpacking District- Graffiti, Street Art, Storefronts and Signs

NY- Meatpacking District- Graffiti, Street Art, Storefronts and Signs

NY- The High Line Park Is Now Open

The first section of the new High Line Park is now open, offering an elevated respite for the fashionistas and media moguls who ring the area, sans...