West 14th Street Subway Station

NY- Union Square and The High line.

High Line, nude sunbathers ahead, mannequins, Union Square and a parking garage.

NY- Chelsea- High Line- Standard Hotel

NY- Chelsea- High Line Standard Hotel

NY- March Snow on the High Line.

NY- March Snow on the High Line.

NY- Chelsea Store front Windows and other Abstractions

It was a good day to take abstract photos in Chelsea since it was cold, foggy, and gray. In other words, perfect.

NY- High Line Flora, Fauna, and other exhibitionists you might see.

Whether it be flowers or grasses, or flashes of girls arsses, it doesn’t matter what season it is, there is always something blooming on the High Line....

NY- Macy’s 2013 July 4th Fireworks

I never get tired of watching the fireworks on July 4th, and this year was no exception. These were taken from my window looking west over the...

NY- The reflections, angles, storefronts and puddles in Greenwich Village

One of the beautiful things about taking pictures in New York is that you are never at a loss for new subjects. Anytime I tire of shooting...

NY- A walk down West 14th street to the High Line Park

Anyone who needs to be reminded how fun it is to walk around New York in the Twilight of Summer, just needs to take a walk down...

NY- A smorgasbord of blossoms and assorted novelties

The early blossoms have finally opened in the city with the rest of the blooms ready to pop any minute.

NY- Haculla at the Maritime Building

Harif Guzman (aka Haculla) is one of my favorite street artists in NYC. I stumbled upon this exhibition under the Maritime Building at 16th and 9th Avenue one night...

NY- Reflections from The High Line Park in the Meatpacking District

New York City went through a little warming period causing wild overcast skies and pockets of fog throughout the entire city. It was a great morning for...

NY- The Looting of the Tiles for America?

Anyone walking down 7th Avenue in the Village last night had to be struck by the emptiness left by the disappearance of the Tiles for America hanging...