A Special Thanks To Sicis

Sicis- The Art Factory was very nice to put a link to one of the series of photos I took of their Soho Store. They run a beautiful web site and based on the number of international visitors I got from them they truly have made a worldwide impression. It is worth checking out.

I had the opportunity to travel to Milan and Lake Como last year and what struck me the most about the Italian People was their love of everything beautiful. From the way they dressed, their mannerisms, their food, music, and art, I could tell they were truly a people who treated everyday life as something wonderful to behold.

I took a lot of great pictures while I was there that I posted on my old zyxwvvwxyz galleries site. I used some great dhtml code from dhteumeuleu.com and haven’t had the time to integrate it into my new galleries, but I will.

You can see the pictures here. It is worth a visit.

I also got my first paparazzi picture in the Hyatt Hotel in Milan.

Hilary Duff in the Hyatt Hotel Milan_thumb

click the picture

Hilary Duff putting on her makeup.

I hope to be back soon.