A few months ago I read an article by a scientist who explained that the sun hadn’t produced any solar flare-ups for a couple of months. These are massive explosions on the sun’s surface that send huge bursts of radiant heat out in to our solar system. He said that this was the longest dry spell he has been able to find since they started recording the occurrences of this phenomenon. He added that these bursts of flaming flatulence had a lot more to do with our planet’s temperature then the collective sighs of its inhabitants. He finished by saying to expect a cold winter. Which we got.

Maybe, as the smart and adaptable organisms we are, we are actually producing a natural greenhouse around the planet to tie us through these cold seasons. Maybe that is a good thing. Maybe a carbon tax on humanity isn’t such a smart idea after all.

Someone should pass this information on to our Nobel Prize winning narrator, Al Gore. He is a reasonable man. After all he doesn’t want to tax the air we breathe, just the air we breathe out.

NY- Snow Storm on the Upper West Side

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